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Our un-manned concessions enjoy the same principle as manned Concessions, but rather than occupying a full ‘shop within a shop’, they are installed within agreed and much smaller locations on site. The customer can view and purchase the item at the concession without the need for staff assistance.

Modular Design

All our un-manned concessions start life as single design modular unit. From there we design, wrap and stock according to the brand. A single modular unit has a footprint of 0.5m sq and can be uniquely combined and built as required to fit any space including a wall space up to 4m in width.

Brand – Science Museum

An exclusive license we signed for the UK to develop amazing science capsules for children aged 3 – 11 years old. This incredible brand is one of London’s major tourist attractions and celebrates science, invention and education. We are working with their branding team to bring to market fun and inspiring capsules for only £1.00 offering incredible retail value.

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