Current Charity Partners Include
  • tchc
  • noohas arc
  • nspcc
  • The-Northern-Ireland


For every £1.00 raised from a Charity Podz concession, 25p is donated to the relevant partner charity. This is fixed, transparent and equal. There are no exceptions to this, so all partners benefit from a very transparent and equitable model. Unlike many donations, the money raised from Charity Podz are on-going and sustainable. For as long as they remain in situ they continue to bring in vital funds to our charity partners.


We work with our charity partners to raise funds for specific campaigns or as vital ongoing donations to support operational costs. The bespoke branding of each Charity Podz concessions means that we can promote awareness of a campaign via the header boards of each machine. Our charity partners to raise and reinforce public awareness can use this as a unique opportunity.

Charity Partners

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